Screening Services


“Even the decision to invest in one place rather than always a moral and cultural choice.”
Pope John Paul II, Centesimus Annus, N. 36



By using an ethical screen, investors can select from a wide range of companies, in all industries and geographical locations that have passed a strict ethical filter.

Fidelis has identified a group of companies that can be considered ‘ethical investments’ as they have passed our rigorous methodology. This group of companies is updated periodically to guarantee information is fresh and relevant at all times.

We believe all investments have ethical implications. We help investors to be sure their money is invested in a responsible manner.

Our methodology is flexible, so our screening can be adapted to specific needs of our clients. We have provided specific lists for catholic and other Christian denominations.

With Fidelis screening services you will have the following benefits:
• A monthly list delivered monthly via Excel spreadsheets that are easy to use.
• Coverage of the major global stock exchange indexes.
• A 1,600+ list of companies to choose from.

With our screening services you will be able to prove that ethically responsible investment and results are compatible: There are so many interesting possibilities, that beating the market is absolutely compatible with honoring your ethical principles.

You will also feel comfortable about your investments by investing in products that have been ethically certified, you can be sure that your money is not being used to finance evil, pollute our world or violate human rights.

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