Fidelis actively promotes the notion that strong ethics, based on solid values are essential to businesses, to the economy and, ultimately, to the wellbeing of society and of human beings around the globe.

In order to identify specific opportunity areas in our clients’ companies, Fidelis performs an ethical assessment that is designed to provide companies with an insight of where they stand in terms of Corporate Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Through this process, we identify the areas that might need strengthening and, at the same time, highlight best practices that are already in place and suggest ways in which they can be fostered.

As the final outcome, an ethical assessment report is delivered, including an analysis, recommendations and suggested next steps.

As a result of the ethical assessment, your company could need to take specific actions, such as specific training in business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Fidelis will help you define these actions and develop seminars, talks and communication campaigns in order to achieve the desired outcome.