Investment recommendations:  by working with our ethical screening, you can select from a wide range of securities, in all industries and geographies, that have passed a strict ethical filter. What our clients use is basically a list of securities that can be comfortably considered “ethical investments” as they have passed our rigorous methodology.

These lists are updated periodically and systematically to guarantee information is fresh and relevant at all times.

Our screening services provide asset managers and private bankers with a tool that helps them offer their clients a distinctive service that is unique in the financial services industry.

Asset managers can tailor-made their services to match their customers’ needs and aspirations since our list can be easily customized. The Fidelis screening analysis can be easily adapted to meet specific faith based and social responsibility requirements.

By using our ethical screening you will have a tool that is an important differentiator that provides a competitive advantage: A “human” analysis based on prudence that can detect gray areas that cannot be spotted by software used by other screening services.
Clients get more than high financial returns; they are consistent with their beliefs and confident that their investments are also ethical.
Fidelis offers a wide universe of options: +1,500 companies to choose from.
There is no need to sacrifice profits. 80% of the screened companies pass our screening.
On-demand support to understand how our screening works.

Organizations, trusts, foundations and endowments

Fidelis offers guidelines and recommendations to ensure ethically compliant investment decisions. Treasuries of thes organizations can rely on our advice when it comes to deciding where to invest their assets.

Asset managers, private banks, financial institutions

Fidelis screening services allow them to make investment recommendations to their clients, feeling comfortable that the assets they manage are always invested in instruments that congruently coexist with their clients’ ethical principles.

Individual and institutional investors

Through our screening services, Fidelis grants investors of all sizes and risk profiles the possibility of having their assets invested in ethically compliant securities such as stocks, bonds, etc.